Was I Specifically Looking for Meditation? No!


Was I specifically looking for Meditation? No, but I am glad meditation found me. My first experience and practise of meditation was before I even knew what Meditation was. Having a difficult time at university and having entered into a bit of a depression I stumbled onto a book called Aikido and the daily life. It described a technique to handle anger. Though anger was not what was afflicting me I applied the practice at every moment of my day over a period of months . It helped me during the day and over the long term.

Within 3 months my depressive state was gone and I felt permanently changed . It was only later in life that I realised that the technique I had practised was a form of meditation. I have learnt that with the daily practice of meditation not only can you bring peace and balance to your life but you can also enhance the positive aspects of yourself.

Today I practise heart meditation following the techniques and teachings outlined by Sri Chinmoy. It is both easy and hard at the same time. The techniques are simple that everyone can do, it is maintaining the daily practise that can be challenging over time. Meeting as a group at least once a week helps tremendously in maintaining this practise. Meditation  has helped me have a broader perspective of life and to simply be happy. Meditation has turned into a lifelong journey that I am truly grateful for.  

~ Clifford Kian