Shree – My Story


Before Meditation 

I grew up in an average home, in an Indian residential township in Durban. Due to the political situation in the country at that time, during my early childhood years I had encountered many challenges, that normally occur in most low socio-economic communities e.g.poverty, domestic violence ,alcohol and drug abuse etc.

My parents played a very active role with doing their level best in supporting  us during my childhood years. They did all they could, given with what they had in terms of knowledge, skill and finances, to ensure that we would be most equipped to deal with the real world. Much respect and gratitude goes out to them for doing their best ,especially so,  with the little that they had at that time.

It was also in the early years of my life that I ventured into this big real world and moved up to Johannesburg. My adult life had begun after me starting a job, sharing and apartment and having heaps of friends, daily around me. My busy life seemed to have  continued ,with lots of partying, booze and good times.

My expectations at the time were not much, I just fell into the ups and downs of daily life especially that everyone else seemed to be okay with, this had to be okay and normal. To me then, this seemed to be all, and I went along with satisfaction at that time.

However  after many years later,  reality started to surface, and I had heaps of unanswered questions about life and my years ahead. I became aware that there had to be more to my life and, it was then that my journey for self satisfaction begun. Both my parents were religious  and growing up at home, helped me to understand and believe in a higher power. Prayer and fasting were the ongoing things we would follow as kids and this also gave me fulfilment at that time. 

Carrying  this belief with with me all along, was what gave me guidance and I always felt a sense of protection from the higher powers.

The Beginning

Feeling more stressed, frustrated with no direction in life at a that time, I started going through various experiences, lacking a sense of being was my first negative major encounter. I very quickly became aware of how many people around me were living this same lifestyle and accepted this a “normal”.

It was during this time ,that I came across a flyer from the Sri Chinmoy Centre that offered free meditation classes. Trusting myself and sincerely taking this message from the universe I put all faith into contact this meditation centre and followed through by doing the free classes that they offered.

Although there had been a  slight concern of doubt about myself doing this, I put all faith and sincerity to this new experience. During the time of doing these classes,I recall having feelings of enthusiasm, eagerness and belief. Committing to complete all these classes I put my most trust into the practice of what I had been  taught, and along the time of doing this, that’s when the real effect of mediation started to happen.

Feelings of confidence, trust, and belief were some of my strong experiences encountered. This then gave me a huge boost to continue through. And as this progressed I started getting a sense of  relief and understanding in my daily life. A sense of  stillness started to reflect in a joyous, warm and comfortable feeling. I started getting more of an enjoyable, and peaceful feeling, towards things I did in  my life, with now more of an understanding and purpose. I decided to become a student of Sri Chinmoy.

10 years later 

That was 10 years ago. I am happy to say that I have I am still a student of the Sri Chinmoy. My meditation practice has blossomed and now I seem to feel deeper feelings of joy, peace and love to name a few. An element of constant  stillness has become a real new friend in my life and this has helped me so much in life, giving me an deeper understanding of others and how to manage difficult challenges.

So how did some of these new experiences help me in my daily life. Just to relate on some:

Joy – having a good moment in my daily duties. Be this my work,helping someone else or just for my own growth. Sharing this feeling with loved ones.

Peace – with the situations one goes through daily be it the traffic, government , or even being let down by friends, partners or colleagues.

Love – no matter what their situation is, just having an abundance of love for all mankind, and all other living beings. Sharing this love with no expectancy.

Living in peace and balance has become more normal for me, even so that others around me started noticing and very often started complimenting me on this. With all the above and more experiences becoming a dominant part of my life I am able to pass this on with no expectations, and get tremendous joy in doing so.

Meditation has also made me a totally optimistic person, and without a shadow  of doubt, I can strongly say that anyone, taking their first steps to start doing meditation, following through, hanging in there with their daily practice would most definitely encounter these similar or even more, of these wonderful experiences. Meditation is something that anyone from any background, age, creed or colour can conquer.

Be open to becoming a student of meditation, follow though, hang in there and then enjoy the wonderful experiences.

– Shree Chirkoot