The Class Instructors

Balarka and Abhijatri

Our meditation courses are presented by either Abhijatri and Balarka Robinson (brothers) or husband and wife team, Penny Nam and Clifford Kian.

Abhijatri and Balarka, who are are originally from Zimbabwe, started studying meditation under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy in New Zealand in the mid 90’s and have made a daily practice of meditation since then.

Their classes are focused on encouraging each and every workshop participant to have a genuine and personal experience of the deep and vast inner reality of peace and joy that each of us has within.

The brothers’ love of meditation and the spiritual life has taken them to many countries around the world and in recent years they have had the opportunity to be involved in the Peace Run in Southern Africa.

Penny and Cliff were until recently based in Cambridge in the UK, but have now returned to their home in Johannesburg.

Penny and Cliff have been practicing and teaching meditation for over 15 years as Sri Chinmoy’s students. Their endearingly simple and uncluttered approach to the world of meditation and life in general is a hallmark of their classes and makes a course with them a particularly informative and enjoyable experience.