Sri Chinmoy

sri-chinmoy.jpgSri Chinmoy  is one of humanity’s most loved and respected meditation masters. He was born in India in 1931 and studied meditation from the age of 12 in an ashram in southern India. After 20 years of intensive practice he moved to New York to offer the light of the east to westerners. Over the next 40 years he inspired millions of people worldwide to bring a profound peace and happiness into their lives through the daily practice of meditation and prayer.

Sri Chinmoy entered into Mahasamadhi, the mystical process through which meditation masters leave the body, on 11 October 2007.

Looking back on Sri Chinmoy’s life of service to mankind it is hard to believe the breadth of his activties. This included:

  • Conducting twice weekly meditations with staff and delegates at the United Nations in New York
  • Writing over 1500 books
  • Composing over 20 000 songs
  • Participation in a multitude of sporting activities including the running of marathons and ultramarathons
  • Meeting with many world leaders
  • Painting thousands of spiritual works of art


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To see God the Light,
To feel God the Light,
To become God the Light:
This is the only goal
Of my meditation.
~ Sri Chinmoy